Lycopene was Named

"The King of Antioxidants" by Mt Sinai School of Medicine
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Proven Benefits

Tested and Proven to Work With all skin types
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The Secret is Out

No other skin creams are proven to be better for your skin
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the best ingredients make the best creams men need to take care of their skin too works for all ethnic types
Moisturize & Protect

Lycopene Crema Rinnovante

The number #1 antioxidant - lycopene, along with Corylus Avellana rich in vitamin E, Calendula Officinalis contains vitamin A, Centelle Asiatica promotes collagen production, Salvia Officinalis has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and 14 other natural botanicals.

Men's Creams

Whether You Shave or Grow a Beard Also Renews Skin After Waxing

Post Shave Balm contains Fision Hydrate for 18% better moisturizing, and Syri-Calm to soothe skin after shaving face or legs. Beard+Skin Conditioner infuses nutrients to soften beards while giving the skin underneath the botanicals it needs.

Creams to Address Specific Problems

Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Eyes

CPP Complex contains Azaelaic & Kojic Acids to naturally fight sun damage, dark spots and wrinkles; Eye Serums to minimize wrinkles and dark circles along with our custom Fision Hydrate for 18% better hydration.

Nurture, Protect, Rehabilitate, Renew

Skincare Products Beneficial to All Ages and Ethnic Skin Types

At Lycopene Skin Care we have created a line of skin health cosmeceuticals based on highly purified organic lycopene, not tomato by-products. Our proprietary Aquose Micro-Dispersed Lycopene, developed at a leading University in Italy, is recognized in both Europe and the United States as nature’s most powerful and effective antioxidant slowing and repairing the damaging effects of environmental pollutants, the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays as well as the normal aging process.

the best ingredients make the best skin creams

Formulated using USP botanicals imported
from Europe and each is the best obtainable world-wide

skin creams that are effective foe all ethnic groups

Only skincare line, for both men and women, with Aquose Micro-Dispersed Lycopene not tomato by-products

young or old lycopene creams work

Each one of our products undergoes rigorous clinical testing by our team to ensure safety and efficacy.

More Information

We Maintain a Complete Skin Care Blog to Inform Our Customers

  • the doctors prove it works
  • Backed By Many Independent Studies

    Many research hospitals and universities agree that Lycopene is the best ingredeient for skin

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  • men should take better care of their skin
  • Lycopene Creams are Not Just for Women

    Lycopene has been found effective for Prostate health as well and the beneficial reason for skin

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  • be careful what ingredients you put on your skin
  • Being Natural Does Not Always Mean Safe

    Many various products claim they are natural - but that cannot ensure it will be helpful to your skin

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  • takeing proper care now will save a lot later
  • No Botox,
    No Surgery,
    No Lasers

    What can you do to improve or maintain your skin without incurring major expenses

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